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The digital canvas is waiting, and we’re armed with the brushes of innovation. Over The Board Solutions Ltd. invites you to rewrite your digital story with us. Are you ready to embark on a journey that transforms your brand’s online presence from mundane to magical? Reach out now, and let’s make digital dreams a captivating reality!

We create practical websites that enhance your business expansion and boost your online prominence.


Welcome to a World of Digital Craftsmanship!
From sleek corporate sites to interactive e-commerce hubs, we tailor each project to reflect your unique brand identity and engage your audience.

Let’s build more than just websites; let’s craft digital experiences. Our experts translate your ideas into seamless navigation, stunning visuals, and responsive designs. Whether it’s a user-friendly interface or powerful backend development, we engineer solutions that captivate your visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

We don’t just design and develop; we partner with you on your digital journey. Your success is our motivation. With a keen eye on industry trends, we optimise your website for search engines and devices of all sizes. Our commitment doesn’t end at launch; we provide continuous support and updates to keep your digital presence at the cutting edge.


Exploring the Spectrum of 


When it comes to building websites, a diverse spectrum of types awaits, each catering to specific purposes:

eCommerce Website

Showcasing products and enabling online shopping. Built with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.


Highlighting services, contact information, and company details. Often constructed using CMS platforms like WordPress.


Providing leisure and entertainment, such as gaming or streaming. Incorporates dynamic visuals and interactions.


Displaying an individual’s or company’s work. Utilises creative design and showcases projects effectively.


Sharing news, articles, and multimedia content. Employs responsive layouts for easy content consumption.


Offering concise information, akin to a digital brochure. Features clear navigation and essential details.


Raising awareness and funds for causes. Uses compelling visuals and compelling storytelling.

Educational Website

Delivering informative content, often in the form of articles or courses. Focuses on knowledge sharing.

What have we done 


Therapy Centre




Trade Chart

standalone app.



Plane Site C.




A website helps you reach more customers online and showcase your products or services.

A well-designed website attracts customers, builds credibility, and increases sales.

A business website informs customers about your offerings, provides contact details, and enhances your online presence.

Yes, a unique and engaging website sets you apart from competitors and leaves a lasting impression.

Redesigning can modernise your site, improve user experience, and reflect any changes in your business.

An effective website expands your customer base, increases brand visibility, and drives revenue growth.

Include clear product descriptions, engaging images, customer testimonials, and easy-to-find contact information.

Professional developers create a website tailored to your needs, ensuring functionality, design, and user experience.

Web developers bring expertise in design, coding, user experience, and optimising websites for search engines.

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