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Customised brand and digital solutions crafted for businesses of all sizes, tailored to their unique needs…
Specialising in cutting-edge Web Design & Development, we offer a comprehensive range of related services that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.


Over The Board Solutions Ltd. isn't just a company; it's a mindset, a movement, a voyage into the digital frontier.

Step into a world where innovation meets excellence. At OTB Solutions, we are committed to transforming your digital landscape and propelling your brand forward. Explore our services, witness our portfolio, and let’s embark on a journey to digital excellence together. Contact us today to take your online presence to the next level.

As a premier provider of web design and development services, we embark on a journey with you to shape your online presence into an engaging and impactful platform. Our services extend far beyond the ordinary, delivering creative solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Crafting Digital Wonders: Web Design & Development that Dazzles

Our Web Design & Development Services:

Say goodbye to ordinary – we’re here to redefine extraordinary.

We don’t just design websites; we weave digital dreams. Our pixel-perfect creations are a symphony of aesthetics and functionality, engineered to leave your audience spellbound.

Graphics That Speak Louder Than Words: Graphic Designs that Pop

Our Graphic Design Services:

Colours that dance, visuals that sing – our graphic designs are a riot of creativity!

From logos that tell your story to visuals that make jaws drop, we infuse life into your brand. Let your graphics speak your language, the language of awesomeness.

Conquer the Digital Realm: SEO & SMM Wizards at Your Service

Our SEO & SMM Services:

Be seen, be heard – conquer the realm where clicks turn into conversions.

In the digital kingdom, we’re the knights of visibility. Our SEO sorcery and SMM magic ensure your brand’s voice echoes far and wide.

Navigating New Realms: UI/UX DesignsThat Inspire

Our UI/UX Services:

Get ready to delight users and keep them coming back for more.

Experience is everything, and we’re your guides to the extraordinary. Our UI/UX designs are like virtual passports to intuitive digital worlds.

Beyond Boundaries: Custom Software Solutions for the Modern Age

Our Custom Software Solutions Services:

Seamlessly merging form and function, we create digital companions that adapt and evolve.

The future belongs to those who innovate. Our custom software solutions break barriers, turning your complex challenges into elegant solutions.

Your Dreams, Our Canvas: IT Consultations with a Vision

Our IT Consultation Services:

Tap into our knowledge and experience as we navigate the ever-changing tech seas.

Your ideas, our expertise – let’s paint a masterpiece together. Our IT consultations go beyond advice; they’re blueprints for success.

Why Choose


Where Creativity Knows No Limits

We’re not just creative; we’re audacious dreamers who believe in turning the impossible into pixel-perfect reality. Innovation is our heartbeat, and we infuse it into every project we touch.

Partners in Your Digital Odyssey

We’re not just here to offer services; we’re here to become an integral part of your digital expedition. Your vision becomes our mission, and together, we sail toward success.

Results That Defy Expectations

Our passion isn’t just for pretty designs; it’s for driving measurable growth. We’re all about that sweet spot where creativity and strategy converge to make your brand shine brighter than ever.

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